Free Thinking Particles Preset

Free Thinking Particles Preset

English Here is a little Thinking Particles preset that you can use to move particles along a spline Path. To install it you need to find your Maxon Folder/Cinema 4D/Library/Browser and Unzip the file here, after that, run your Cinema 4D and look for the folder inside the Content Browser (Shift + F8).
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Español Aqui tienen un pequeño preset the Thinking Particles que pueden usar para mover particulas usando una linea. Para instalarlo debes ir a la carpeta de Maxon/Cinema 4D/Library/Browser y descomprimir el archivo aqui, despues de eso, inicia Cinema 4D y busca la carpeta dentro del Content Browser (Shift + F8).
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11 Responses

  1. Rodion Rusu says:

    why you protect all particle config?

  2. Luka says:

    the tutorial is very useful.but i can't do well……so could you give me the preset password? i just want to know where wrong. thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. pedroalk says:

    link doesnt work

    • pixldg says:

      Thank you for your comment, i already check the link and is working right now. Make sure you use Chrome or Firefox, those work better with mega.

  4. durotmk says:

    i bought the paid version (with unlocked xpresso), but that gives me different result, than this ‘free’.
    Being beginner in xpresso, I cannot find what is wrong, do you do some kind of ‘support’?
    Basically the free version doesn’t have particles locked to curve (very tight fit), but paid version has: the particles travel only on curve, very strict, no tolerance. Which is not good for me. Is there any simple way to correct this? Some switch in expresso?

    • pixldg says:

      Thank you for your comment, the paid version is the same as the free one, the only difference is the unlocked Xpresso, the video tutorial shows the steps to get the result. But remember that Xpresso and Thinking Particles are a little buggy, sometimes you need to reboot your computer to get the result and i also recommend you to use one Xpresso at the time.

      Good Luck

      • durotmk says:

        Thank you, I am very happy you replied. I will try to restart, and write you back.

      • durotmk says:

        Well, I restarted computer and it didn’t help – in the paid c4d scene Xpresso does have different result – the cones are attached to curve.
        In contrary in the free version cones fly around the curve (some offset there), which is the desired (and better) effect.
        So there must definitely be some difference in the scenes, which I cannot identify (of course, because that is the reason why I bought it from you – to have final solution, as I do not want to reconstruct whole Xpresso from the video. I simply do not have skills/time for that).

        Is it possible for you to have a look? I can provide you with screenshot of course, but basically I opened raw (enedited) downloads from you, just hit the play button. No modifications, no additional objects.
        I am running R21.026.

  5. ustoranj says:

    Hi, I tried several times to download with Chrome and Firefox but the link is not working!

    • pixldg says:

      Hello and thank you for the comment, please let me know what kind of error are you having, i just tested the link and it’s working correctly.

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